Sunday, December 16, 2007

Glade/Manns Creek, WV Friday Dec. 14

Manns Creek is one of the most full on creeks I've ever done. Its steep, continues, and has amazing 5 to 10 foot boofs all the way down till the very end. I had did the first mile once before but had never expected it to get even more intense downstream.

You start your day off at Babcock State Park with a cool slide into a waterfall right next to this old windmill.

Started out the day with Pete, Brad, Eric, Sam, and myself with the level reading 3". Here's Pete Iscaro running Pillagers Plunder.

Looking back upstream from the footbridge at the end of the first mile.

Off ramp wasn't to bad... Just don't get pushed to far right into that shelf and hit your ribs.

Here Sam shows us one way to get under a downed tree on Manns.

Manns creek dumps right into the start of the Lower New on river right. From there we paddled down the New to Keeney's Creek to where we had parked. In the End it was yet again another epic day for me in WV. I'm looking forward to the next...

John McConville

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