Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Midwest Freestyle Championships 2008

After a long 15 hr. drive back to WV I've had plenty of time to reflect upon this past weekend. What i came up with is... I LOVE paddling! Especially when I get to paddle with all my friends in one place at the same time. This past weekend was more of a family reunion than a competition. I'd like to make a shout out to Team PBR and everyone involved that made this weekend possible. Thanks for a great weekend. :)

My week started off with helping teach a freestyle kayak clinic with Colin Kemp. There's nothing more rewarding than helping someone progress there own skills and push the limits of what they though was possible. Seeing someone land there first loop and come up with the biggest smile on there face. Its what keeps me coming back again and again. We all know that feeling of accomplishing after doing something new, that wave of energy that surges through your body. All in all, i really enjoyed helping teach this kayak clinic and watching all the progression that happened over the weekend.

Coming back to this event has been something I've been looking forward to since last year. Last year i placed 3rd with like 140 points, and the year before i scored 3 point. Year after year I've progressed my own skills and have pushed my own limits of what i thought was possible. This year the progression continued which lead to my first freestyle comp win and a score of 185 points. After 2 years of paddling and countless hours spent on the water I'm proud to take the name of Midwest freestyle champion. Whats next?.?.? maybe the world freestyle championships, EJ better watch out. lol making finals at the worlds has been a goal of mine since I've started kayaking. I know if i want to make this a reality that I have alot more countless hours of paddling and pushing myself even harder to get to that level. I think I'll take lots of small steps to bring myself to the top of the staircase instead of running to the top and talking the risk of falling back down. Anything is possible if the right steeps are taken.

In the end, the Midwest Freestyle Comp was once again a weekend to remember. Everything from the freestyle clinic, to Team PBR, 4 square, the night of the living donkey, and even having Pearl there to watch Jim Jensin take 2nd place. Everything that happened and the people that made it happen, thanks for a great weekend to remember. Speaking of the people that made it happen... thanks Cole Jacobsen, Chad Kehn, Colin Kemp, David Lemke, and Julie Walraven for making this weekend happen.

Live From WV,

John McConville