Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mill Creek WV monday Dec. 10

Monday started off like any other day in my life, wake up, check gages, and go boating. Little did i know i would end up doing 4 laps on Mill Creek. Just another one of those epic days in WV.

Here's Mill Creek Falls just one of the of the great waterfalls on this river.

Powder House was the rapid that made me most nerves. There was this nasty crack in the wall (bottom left) that you didn't want to get stuck in. Peyton Love, Justin Burd, and Matt Smink took off after there first run. So on they way back to the put in I saw EJ, Dane, Steven, Bryan Kirk, and Kelsey Thompson at the falls. I quick unloaded my boat and hucked that falls again to do another run with that group.

The steep stuff starts right after the falls.

Here's EJ running Headless Horseman.

Dry Line Falls was another really fun waterfall that you would drive as far left as you could with out drying up and then boof on the right.

Mill Creek dumps right into the New River in Hawkes Nest Lake. All in all, is was a great day with only one scary incident at F@#k Up Falls but everything worked out. This run is in my top 5 for best rivers I've ever run and can't wait to come back.

Live from WV, John McConville

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Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Glad to hear that you guys finally have some H2O!! Looks good Johnny!