Monday, December 10, 2007

Lower Meadow 900cfs

Met up with a group of about 8 people to run the Lower Meadow the other day. This was my 3rd time running this river and the first time I ran every rapid, including the legendary "Coming Home Sweet Jesus".
This is whats left of the die hard boaters in Fayetteville right now, everyone left after Gauley. The good old local boys and girls.

Its funny, everyone leaves and it starts to rain and the locals and I enjoy the amazing boating.

It was a beautiful day in WV, about 60 degrees out and about 20 degree's cooler down by the river. The fog consumed us as we entered Brink of Disaster.

Looking back up stream you can see Coming Home Sweet Jesus, a rapid i thought I'd never run but after seeing Bryan Kirk and Justin Burd run it I new I could and styled it with ease.

I followed Justin and Bryan through this cool cave that took you right out in this hole that you had to go through. Fun stuff

All in all, just another epic day in WV. Here I am running the last big rapid call Double Undercut.

Live from WV, John McConville

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Anonymous said...

nice photos and commentary...thanks for keeping it real in WV!