Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gauley at 11,500cfs Tuesday Dec. 11

Since i got some steep creekin on Mill the day before it was time get get back in the play boat. The Gauley had spiked 4 times the normal 3,200cfs release level and hit at about 12,000cfs over the night. So Steven, EJ, Dane and I headed out to the Gauley river to get our surf on. What we found was like a playboaters dream.

This is the big rock you usually step down from to get to the rivers edge.

Remember that high energy hole just after Iron Ring? Well today it was about a 12 foot wave.

The only eddy's we could find to wait for a ride were in the trees.

Canyon Doors was full of perfect waves just waiting to be surfed. I will never forget the way that river made me feel. All that power just waiting to explode. Holes that would have no problem eating an in tire house and waves that give you that feeling that brings you back for more.

Live from WV, John McConville

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