Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wilson's Creek 40 laps total

Five Jackson boats and paddlers entered TVF and all five survived. We were almost ready to give it all up going into this weekend but we had come to far. Wilson creek was our only chance at having a shot at winning this so we loaded up Thursday night a headed out. Friday was a three man team with Mark, Owen and I running 19 laps. We had arrived to the river only to see that the Juggernauts were already there and had a 1 lap lead on us already. Going into this weekend it was a three way battle for first between The Juggernauts, Team Sherpard, and us the Jackson 5.
Wilson's was at -4 and dropping when we checked Friday. It made for an interesting day to say the least. Owen and I had tandem pins in this on rapid at the same time. We also later found ourselves tandem surfing a hole at the bottom of a slide and found myself laughing at what was going on. Owen bumped me out and he stayed in fighting the BEAST. lol Mine and Owen's last last run of TVF turned into a bumper boat side surfing intentional carnage lap. It was great, Owen even lost his paddle at one time. Lap 19 Mark and I did our last lap in the moonlight, I love being on the river with a full moon.

Saturday March 31st was the LAST day of TVF and we had everyone on the team there. Brad and Goat arrived in town after we got off the river Friday. Jackson 5 started their first lap Sat. around 7am. This weekend was Brad, Goat, and Owen's first time on Wilson's Creek. We were surprised to see that the only other TVF team to show up was Team Sexy Kayaking Beast. Goat and Brad ran every other lap which made things easier for Mark, Owen and I which were still tired from the day before. In the end we put everything we had into this hoping for the best as of right now it looks good for the Jackson 5. This month has been a true test of friendship and physical ability and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This month was a great time and will never be forgotten.

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Jesse a.k.a. Zoolander said...

Glad all the hard work paid off man!! Looking forward to paddling with you up on the Northshore in a week and a half~