Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Weekend

The last 4 days have been great with Easter Sunday ending up with a run down Tallulah!!! Thursday morning Mark and I got up early to meet Margaret at Daddy's Creek. This run is a southeast classic and if Catoosa in open and theres water in the river its a must do. Rattle Snake was the best part of the whole run. This run was explained to me like a creeky version of the Gauley River. The Hart of the Gorge comes with house sized rock bolder garden drops with a sweet boof off the FANG. This was a great way to start off my day before we had to be to work at 2pm.

Friday was Good Friday and the shop had off of work. Rock Island was only realising till 10am so I woke up early and headed to the hole hoping to run into someone else. Lucky me, just as I was about to put on the Jackson's pull up with a full car load. This was the first time I had paddled with EJ, Nick, Emily, and Dane since they had left for Africa and was one of the best surf sessions I'd had in awhile. After watching EJ and Nick surf without a paddle I just had to do it myself. I had aways wanted to hand paddle to hole but never did due to never having a combat hand roll. EJ put it best " the only way to get a combat roll was be in combat situation " so i tossed the paddle aside and worked my way out and you know what happened. I had thee best time ever!! I felt like I paddled better without my paddle than with it. Paddles are like crutches, take them away and you start to walk. Later that day we had BBQ at the Jackson's house and played football and bags. We also watched Hotel Charley 2 which was awesome and must be watched as soon as you get the chance to. It was a fantastic day and i had a great time from start to finish.
Saturday was the mighty Ocoee and the award party at the NOC. This was the 3rd time I was on the Ocoee and the 1st time I was sown all the play spots other tan hell hole. It was a bit cold and had a nasty head wind but still enjoyable. I never new that the Ocoee had so many different loop spots. Also, to my surprise I say almost all of the Juganuts there and Stanly whom worked at the shop for a few weeks. By the time hell hole was packed full of boaters I was glade to get off the rive and back in dry WARM cloths to head up to the NOC. The good music, pizza, and the showing of LVM 22 made for an entertaining night. The first place team in the sick birds (Stanley Steamers) cleaned house with most of the awards and prizes but THE JACKSON 5 still came out on top with 1st place in the young lions. We descended 35,059 feet in 8 days thought out the month of March. Good stuff

look close, Jim is dancing

the put in for Tallulah
Sunday was my first day on the Tallulah Gorge and I think i fell in love!!! The put in starts with about a 300 foot drop down like 600 steeps but that run is worth ever last one of those steeps. The main attraction is Oceana Falls which is a rocket ride that i can't wait to get back on. I ran the center line and took the THING head on. As soon as you hit the THING everything goes into a whiteout and you can't see another thing till resurface after the hole at the bottom. What a rush, that slide had ever nerve in my body tingling with a huge adrenalin rush like none other. Every rapid on that river is packed full of fun for a whopping mile and a quarter with a 2 mile lake paddle out. We did have one swimmer in our group with a lost paddle under the water but was lucky to find it right were they had left it. All in all, even though this Easter wasn't spent with family it was spent with good friends enjoying the things we love most, feeling alive.

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