Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love the north woods paddling!!!!

Last week was awesome... everything from the rivers to the people that were there that enjoyed running these hidden secrets of the north. The group of people that I found up there was unlike any other, they were by far the best group I've ever paddled with. Darning the time in the U.P. i ran the Presque, Black, and the Silver. The black beat me up the most but it was worth it, ever drop on that run is fun and 2 of them are BIG. Rainbow Falls was one intense ride and I'm looking forward to going back for another run. I've heard you have to take the Good with the Bad. If Rainbow was the Good than the Birth Canal was defiantly the Bad. I got worked, and beat, then decided going for a swim would be a good afternoon activity. That hole was the wost beating I've every had and i want revenge. Next time i go back I'm going to run that rapid again and beat it down. Other than that it was a great weekend with sunny sky's and 70 degree days. I'm Glad everyone made it off the river safely without serious injury to come back and paddle another day. I've also got lots of footage and I'm in the proses of putting together a video from the week, so stay tuned for some more great kayak porn.

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