Sunday, March 25, 2007

Little River in the Smokeys 20 laps total for the weekend

When we arrived Sat morning we found that team Juggernauts were already there and putting there gear on. I really didn't think anyone else would want to run the little at such low levels but that's what TVF does for you. We could have gone to WV where the water was which i really wanted to do but the rest of the team couldn't justify all that driving for paddling for two day. When i lived in WI the closest whitewater was about 3 hr. away and it wasn't unheard of to drive 5 hr one way in one day to paddle Piers Gorge. But in any case we ended up at the little.
Warning!!! there is wood in the sinks and its nasty. It looks like a spear sticking back up out of the water. Sun morning we tyred to ex track it with a pulley system but the only thing we were able to do was hurt ourselves in the proses. Goat took a hit to the leg when the rope snapped back and i fell in trying to laso the log. A few of us still did run the drop but it wasn't worth the danger factor.

Our best part of the weekend was watching two locals trying to run the river on sit on top kayaks. They were swimming everywhere. I'm glad they didn't run the elbow, cuz someone would have gotten hurt for sure. I did have a really bad line my last run through the elbow. I caught this really heady eddy just above the last drop that was hard to peal out of and ended upside down for the last part of the drop. It reminded me of the Birthday Eddy above the Notch on the Green but on a class 4 level. We got it on film and it looks alot worse than how it felt. Carnage is always fun to watch. I really looking forward to the end of TVF, I'm getting sick of LOW water runs just to get points. On our way out Sunday we looked at Treemont and can't wait to come back when there's good water to run it. It looks very continuous with a couple of good drops.

NOTE: I still need to work on correct paddle placement and timing, I feel better but it still needs work. I need to take strokes to get me somewhere not just to keep me moving.

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