Sunday, April 15, 2007

Island Creek and Little Clear Creek Today

Today started off with a lot of discussion about where to go and what would be running. This took about 3 hr. until Owen, Mark, Liz, Brad and I decided to head to Island Creek. The level was about 3 inches which was a little on the low side but still fun. This Creek is beautiful, one of the most scenic river I've ever seen.

After completing a run on Island we headed out to Little Clear Creek. Only Mark, Brand and I were able to make it out to this run due to car troubles. When we got there Clear Creek was HUGE and muddy. Mark had read there was a trail alongside Little Clear that ended right at the top of the good stuff. So we started to hike up and found ourselves bushwhacking our way up the hill side along a rock cliff. This was horrible and after about 45min of overgrowth we found ourselves right at the top of Triple Drop, the first big rapid. From this point on everything went great. This run has one amazing drop after another. I can't wait to go back to this fantastic river in the future.

The boaters propsective of Tripel Drop

All in all it turned out to be a great day with two new runs. I'm now about to pack up and head up to WI to hang with family and friend before making my way up to the North Shore. Spring Creekin Bonanza is going on next weekend and I plan on being there. I'm also looking forward to do the Black in the Upper Peninsula. So I'm outta here. Laterz

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