Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 5 Mar11 Russell Fork 5 laps total for the weekend

Great weekend!!! It was Brad, Goat, and Owen's first time down and they styled it. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We did witness the worest at Fist. Someone that was very familur with the run did swim at Fist. He said he got flushed under the rock and got a breath of air in the cave underneath and then flushed out the other side. It put in perspective the unforgiving power of mother nature. Mark and I still fired up the main line at Fist even after the incident. All in all, the Jackson 5 had one of those weekends that wont be forgotten... Good Job guys....
Putin to the Russell Fork Gorge
Brad and I sporting the new Jackson Kayak Rockers, what a great boat
Me running the meat on 1st drop
Me running the center on El Horendo
Brad making the Box Move
Owen getting read to Fire up the Gnar
Team Jackson 5 after running El Horendo. (Top to bottom, left to right)Goat, Brad, Owen, Mark, John.

Owen running Tower
1 nasty swim, a pinned boat, a lost paddle and a long hike out :(
Mararet in front of the undercut rock in Maze

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