Sunday, March 4, 2007

March4 Day#4 Caney Fork, Rock Island State Park

Brad, Mark, Owen and I woke up this morning checking gages and looking to run sometime. We had a tip that Richland Creek would be running so we packed up and went out to find it low and scrapy.

So we packed up and went back home to find Great Falls releasing at 7,400cfs which made triple drop and auto boof runnable and alot of fun. Owen, Jase, Owen's friend and I ran both drops

Jase and I did it two times

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eric said...

Hey johnboy. Glad to see you having such a killer time. Don't ever take the scenery for granted. I hope it makes you smile everyday you look upon it. Keep stepping up, have fun and be safe. I think about the canoeing trips a lot. We should go to the boundry waters this summer if your around. Keep it real man and keep in touch. Don't forget your roots.