Monday, September 7, 2009

The Onion

John McConville Tears for Fears 1st slide

The Onion (Tears for Fears)
Location: Poplar River camping
Date: 4-28-09

Andy McMurray Tears for Fears 2nd slide

So i'm really enjoying sleeping under the stars every night in my bivy sack. Just crawled in for the night, zipping up both sleeping bags! Great stuff, i'm loving it!

Heather Herbeck catchin air 3rd slide

Looking back on the day i find memories of big similes :) and great friends. Opening up the morning with a bang, Chris Baer, Nathan Borth and I fired up The Encampment River with great lines all around. Perfect way to introduce Nathan to North Shore creekin only to follow it up with a run down the Onion River.

Nathan Borth Tears for Fears 1st slide

Meeting up with Nate & Heather Herbeck, John Kiffmeyer, and Andy MuMurray we loaded up and drove north to the Onion. Arriving in the parking lot it was great to see all of my friends super amped to run this Huge slide. John Kiffmeyer the man who first ran this slide and appropriately named it "Tears for Fears" was standing there suited up and ready to go. As everyone made it to the top we ro sham bowed to see who got to go first. Andy won and went 1st with everyone else soon to follow. Ending in the lake we all did a quick roll in the icy cold waters of lake superior keeping the "roll in the lake" tradition alive. Capping off another epic day on the shore we ate 2 for 1 burgers at the ski hill and watched the head cam footage from the day. Its felt good to have the whole crew back together laughing and joking at the dinner table. Its late and cold and everyone is asleep, tomorrow is another day...

Chris Baer and John Kiffmeyer Tears for Fears 3rd slide

Sleeping under the Stars,
John McConville

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