Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 1 North Shore MN

Day 1 Time to Huck
Location: Duluth MN, John Kiffmeyer's Hostel
Date: April 16 2009

Andy McMurray Gazebo Falls

After 2 days of driving and some minor vehicle repairs, Andy McMurray and I were back in town and ready to Huck. Already warmed up from our South Eastern "Boof or Die" kayaking mission, we suited up and zipped over to Gazebo Falls on Amity Creek. Clint Austin a reporter for the Duluth News Tribune, saw Andy and I suiting up and decided to join us to watch the spectacle.

John McConville Gazebo Falls

Getting back in the cold, root beer colored water was a great feeling for Andy and I. It had been a whole year since we had last been here boating the rivers of Lake Superior and I was excited to be Back. Around the time of our 3rd lap on the Gazebo, John Kiffmeyer showed up to join the fun. One more quick lap over the waterfall and the 3 of us were off to another river for a late afternoon treat, the Lester.

Andy McMurray Gazebo Falls

The Lester river is the Local Hot Spot! Located directly in the city of Duluth, if there's water in the river there will be boaters in the water. Being so, getting back to the parking lot for the Lester river after our run was like a family reunion. Everyone smiling from ear to ear, excited to be back on the water again. It had been a long, cold and snowy winter in Duluth MN, and the Spring Season was just beginning...

Chris Baer Allmost Allways

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