Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fully Committed .... Superior Falls

Chris Baer in deep thought

Montreal River (Superior falls)
Location: Presque Isle river camping
Date: 4-30-09

Chris Baer entry rapid

After a much needed night of rest in a super comfortable bed at Tommy's Hotel (thanks so much tommy) we pointed the posse East to Superior falls. No helicopters needed and with way less water than when Tao ran it, Chris Bear after 15 mins of scouting decided to fire up Superior Falls!!! 15 mins later Chris was in the water and paddling over the first 2 entry drops. Pausing only for a moment at the top of the Massive Superior falls, Chris turned his boat down stream and started to line up the drop. Straight down the big V and into the curler Chris charged. 45 mins after arriving at the falls, Chris Baer was back down to lake level. With a huge fist pump and a small scratch on his nose, Chris had styled his line over Superior Falls!

Chris Baer Superior Falls

After watching Chris run this drop made me really think about why "We" as kayakers do the things we do. I think in the long run we're all here to just have fun, at whatever level/skill you personally believe in yourself to handle! Weather its class 3 or border line class 6, that moment in which you believe 100% in yourself that you can do something and go out there and just do it!!! The amount of courage to do that at any level is why we do what we do. Because that feeling of accomplishment after looking back up at what "you" just did is the absolute Truest/Purest moment in life!

So get out there and GET SOME!!!!

Chris Baer Smiles :)

Paradise at the Press,
John McConville

PS: I ending my day off with a great run down the Press with Andy McMurray and Nathan Borth. We Paddled out into Lake Superior to end an amazing day with a perfect sunset over the lake...

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helix149 said...

amazing run man! wish there was vid. I actually started whitewater in ann arbor Mi and moved to TN to chase it keep it up and stay as safe as you can running that huge manky shit