Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life in WV

Gauley Season is upon us!!! Oh yeah. :) After paddling around 75 miles of whitewater on the Gauley river these past 4 days its nice have a day off. The first weekend was awesome and week 2 of Gauley is 3 days away.

Looking back through some of the photos of the summer it reminds me of why i love living here. I'm thank full to be living here in WV with the New river Gorge outside my back door. World class boating, climbing, biking, scenery, and people is what make this place so beautiful. I love every bit of it...

The week before Gauley a tropical storm dumped water in North Carolina and brought the New up to 6 feet. This was a great change of pace from the low water Weeks before. Owen and I both were getting some big air at Ender Waves. Upper railroad and Greyhound were stomping at a good level too.

Last week Monday i meet up with some really cool climbers from Kentucky. We hiked from Rodgers campground down to butchers buttress for 4 different climbs. I'm really starting to get into climbing, its another sport that's both mentally and physically demanding.

Mill creek has been my favorite place to take photos. There was a really cool mist in the air the day this photo was taken.

I find myself spending alot of time at the place i work. But with views like this from the overlook its hard not to love this place...

Live from WV,

John McConville

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