Friday, September 26, 2008

The Animal Race

The Animal race is nothing short of just that... an Animal race. If you want to win this one you better drop everything and just go.. never stop, not even to look back. The mass start reminded me of motocross racing, everyone charging forward for the hole shot. Tons of fun and great competition. I ended up with a time of 55:28 and 6th place in slalom.

One of the video boaters for Class VI (Sara Van Wesep) was filming when the racers came down. So i through a short video together with what she got. enjoy

Check it out here

Check out race results at...

Live from WV,

John McConville

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Marlena McConville said...

hey john ron!
it's your cousin marlena coming at you from alabama.
you're pictures and videos amazing, not to mention the places you are going and things you are doing are seriously awesome. you definitely have some skills! i wish i could join you as you travel to some of the prettiest places i have ever seen in pictures! haha have fun, good luck, and come visit us sometime. love!