Saturday, March 8, 2008

Caney Fork TN

Got the TVF team together today for a cold run down the Caney Fork. Our team this year consists of Brad, Goat, Jase, Owen, Tom, and myself. This was the first run we all did together this year for TVF. (Total Vertical Feet)

I've always said it never to cold to paddle unless the water is frozen. I never said anything about frozen gear.

The hike in was beautifully and a nice way to warm up before getting in the water.

Great level today, about 2.2 on the Hwy 70 bridge which would make for a medium to high flow. Here I am running the entrance to Devils Kitchen.

The kitchen has two huge holes stacked right on top of each other making for a very intimidating rapid but totally good to go. All in all great day, it was good to get back on the water with most of the good old TVF team... We miss you D Mark!!

Live from TN,
John McConville

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