Thursday, November 1, 2007

Midwest Freestyle Championships Aug 18, 2007

The Wausau comp was the 2nd freestyle comp I'd ever been in, the first being one year earlier at the same place. The Midwest Freestyle comp of 2006 was where i started my kayaking. I had learned how to roll the week prior to the comp and didn't know any paddlers so thought that would be the best place to meet the people involved in the sport, and i was right. I entered the comp with only 2 days river experience, a rented boat and paddle from the Bear Paw, the expectation to have fun and meet as many paddlers as possible. I even was able to put 3 points on the board for holding a front surf for 3 sec. Oh yeah!! This year my best score was around 140. Going back to Wi for this comp was something i had been looking forward to since the day after the comp in 2006. Since i moved out of the state i don't get to see my Wi paddling friends very often. So, this meant alot to me to see everyone again. This was also the first time my parents got to really see me in action. All in all, my time back in Wi was great and i look forward to doing it again next year.

Also, a HUGE thanks to Ted Bratton for taking photos at the comp and all the other events up there at Wausau. I think i can safely say that everyone enjoys the photos taken by Ted. Thanks so much and all pictures are copyrighted by Ted Bratton, no other use or copying permitted without written permission.

K-1 Freestyle Men's Expert

Joerg Steinbach....1
Ben Peters..........2
John McConville....3
Craig Esposito.....4
David Lemke.......5

Going Huge without a paddle. A paddle is like a crutch, take it away and you learn to walk

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