Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So here it is, 2010 already and quite a while since my last post here on the The Gnar Gnar. I thought it was time to catch up a bit and fill in the missing peaces from this past year. Also, since the Midwest creeking season is already over this year due to very little snow pack and an abnormally warm spring, I threw in a few extra photos from the past year...

Cunningham falls on the Manitou
Photo by Ian Garcia

Wolfmother on the Wolf in Canada
Photo by Tommy Gram

Last season's shore line experience was pretty epic to say the least! South Shore, North Shore, and even Canada... there are so many possibility's when the conditions are just right. Unfortunately this years conditions were anything but ideal, and one single day on the Black River is all that will be had for 2010.

Gorge Falls on the Black
Photo by Matt Nolan

Rainbow Fall on the Black
Joe Decker
Photo by Matt Nolan

Rainbow Falls on the Black
Photo by Matt Nolan

It was tons of fun and much needed after 3 months of not boating this winter... Nothing like a big slash in the face to get the blood pumping again! I was super lucky to run into Joe Decker, Andy Scheidel, Nate Heydt, and Chad Thurow to make for a great group on the Black that day. This was Joe's first day running the big 3(Potawatomi, Gorge, and Rainbow), and smiling from ear to ear he syled all three!

That night we camped at the Presque Isle, stayed warm by a fire, drank a few beers, and told story's about past boating years... Paradise at the Pres! I really enjoyed being back on the Shore Line, slept well and woke early to a beautiful day. Unfortunately we also woke to a very low Presque Isle so instead of experiencing the river by way of water, I decided to get creative and enjoy the rest of the day through the eye peace of my camera...

After the photo shoot, Matt and I took off in a blaze of glory to catch some bouldering on top of Rib Mtn before the sun set. It may have not been and epic season on the shore line this year, but at least the weekend was!

John McConville

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