Monday, December 8, 2008


Hola Me Amego's!!! So here I am, reporting live from the warm warters of Mexico. Where the waterfalls are big and the traverntine is sticky. Curently i'm located in Ciudad Valles at Aventura Huastecae where Lance Reif, Chris Bear, Aaron Koch, and myself have been running some of the local rivers.

Day one started us off on the Mexican classic, the Rio Micos. Unlike anything i've seen, the Micos is made up of whats called Traverntine. Traverntine is formed from water thats high in calcium, it builds up on anything in the water... trees, rocks, lost paddles...exc As a result it makes really sticky pool drop waterfalls and slides that are over hung. interesting and fun...

Day 2 took us to the El Salto. More travertine... weird...

Lance playing the role of "Rodeo Superstar" good ride, cartweels on both sides

Chris Bear

Aaron Koch

John McConville photo by Chris Bear

The 5th Canyon of the Santa Maria

El Toro

Back to to Micos where Chris decided to run the big one, EL TORO (the bull). The bull is a beast, it hits hard and fast. To best explane i suggest checking out the video Chris put together after running the Bull.

El Toro video:

Rio Verde...An orange and a gun.

Today we picked up a mexican with an orange and a gun. He sat down in Aaron's Jeep, shared his orange and showed us the way to the river. Hiking down to the river i had a run in with a "jumping" cactice, it jumped up, scared me, bit me,i swated at it, it bit me again, and i was left with bit marks from the jumping cacti. oh well, down to the river we go.

The first Canyon we came to was amazing. It started with a 40 footer that Chris, Lance, and myself ran. Then went right into a 15 footer followed be another 15 footer. Cruisin down streem we found ourselves at the lip of a 100 foot waterfall called Llovinosa. We lowered the boats over the edge and walked down the class 5 goat path to the side.

The Rio Verde has been my faveroit run we've done so far. But the trip is just getting started, tomorrow we head South to Veracruze in hopes to find good water on the Alseseca...

Live from Mexico,

John McConville

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