Friday, July 18, 2008

Back in WV

Wet and Wild WV, its good to be back... I've been kayaking just about every day of the week since I've been back. Working 5 to 6 days a week on the water and boating when i have off its hard to find time for my hammock. I love being able to paddle every day of the week. I've also been shooting lots of photos with my free time.

Last week the rain gods graced us with enough water to bring Mill Creek in. Mill creek is one of my favorite WV runs, its like the classic intro to creekin WV style with a sweet 20 footer on it. The rain also borough up the Gauley to about 7,ooo cfs. A few of us got to enjoy some good water on there too. OOOHHH YEEAAAHHHH!!!!

Sam England and I running the falls

Here's the falls at low water.

Headless Horseman is the next big drop right after the falls.

A few of us have been heading down to Canyon Doors at around 1,000cfs after work.

Looking down at double Z in the hart of the New River gorge from beautie mtn.

Its good to be back in beautiful wet and wild WV. I love every day of my life here, everything from the work to the mountains. I can't get enough of it and i never want to leave.

live from WV,
John McConville

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