Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John McConville

Here is the latest video I've put together.

Check it out here

Live from TN,
John McConville

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cow Pie Falls, Henderson Creek, Cain Creek

Just another epic weekend in TN. In the past 4 days I've gone from a 30 foot waterfall, to class 5 creekin, and then brave wave at a perfect 7,500cfs. I can honestly say I've been enjoying myself and all the rain here in TN.

It all started with a great rain storm that came through Thursday night. Clay Wright, Boyd Ruppelt, Samantha Brunner, and I headed over to Pine Creek to a flooded creek and a sweet 30 foot waterfall called Cow Pie Falls.

Perfect learning waterfall, here I am fully Tucked

Clay testing his new Hero out

Boyd set up for impact

Here I am spotting my landing

Got 5 runs in before we decided to head out. All the photos were shot by Samantha Brunner. Great job with the photos Sam. Waking up the next day Clay, EJ, Dane, and I met up with Keith Yell and Mark Travis for a run down Henderson Creek. Henderson flows into Richland creek and starts off like a micro creek but picks up a few tributary's and doubles in volume to make an awesome whitewater run.


Fire Escape is one of the coolest rapids around. Here's Clay boofing the first drop to Fire Escape.

Looking back upstream is the bottom 3 drops of Fire Escape. Such a fun rapid with sweet boofs... I love it!

EJ with a big smile after running one of the great rapids on Henderson

All in all, its been a epic weekend that hasn't ended yet. Its now Tuesday and Brave Wave is still kickin at an epic level and that's right where I'll be tomorrow. So I'm off to bed to rest up for the surf tomorrow... C you on the water!!!

Live from TN,
John McConville